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  • Daniel Marks

  • Jacob Hage
    Sales Manager
    847-367-1700 x 104

    Time in Business: 7 Years

                                   4 Years with Lincoln
                                   2 Years as a Detailer
                                   1 Year with Mazda

    Manufacture Certifications: Lincoln

    Specialties: Financing and Technology

    Hobbies: Golf, International Travel and Good Food

    Hometown: Greenwood, IN

    Education: Indiana University

  • Michelle Weinfurter
    Business Manager
    847-367-1700 x 109

    Time in Business:     Years

                                       Years with Lincoln
                                       Years with Cadillac
                                       Years with Infiniti
                                       Years with Acura

    Manufacture Certifications: Cadillac, Infiniti, Lincoln, and Toyota

    Specialties: New and Used Vehicles



  • Sam Couch
    Sales Consultant
    847-367-1700 x 107

    Time in Business: 4 Years

                                   4 Years with Lincoln
    Manufacture Certifications: Lincoln

    Specialties: New Vehicles and Technology

    Hobbies: Art

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Service: United States Marine Corps

  • James Won
    Sales Consultant
    847-367-1700 x 101

    Time in Business: 25 Years

                                   11 Years with Acura
                                     5 Years with Pontiac, Honda and Hyundai       
                                     3 Years with Lincoln
                                     3 Years with Infiniti and Volvo
                                     1 Year with Chevrolet
                                     1 Year with Ford
                                     1 Year with Toyota

    Manufacture Certifications: Acura, Infiniti, Lincoln and Volvo

    Specialties: New and Used Vehicles


    Hometown: Seoul, Korea

    Languages: Korean and English

  • Shane Lyon
    Sales Consultant
    847-367-1700 x 105

    Time in Business: 10 Years

                                    5 Years with Acura 
                                    4 Years with BMW   
                                    1 Year with Lincoln

    Manufacture Certifications: Acura, BMW, and Lincoln

    Specialties: New, Used, Leasing and Technology

    Hobbies: Golf and Guitar

    Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

  • Robert Kieda
    Sales Consultant
    847-367-1700 x 108

    Time in Business: 27 Years

                                   14 Years with Toyota 
                                   10 Years with Ford
                                     1 Year with Lincoln

    Manufacture Certifications: Ford, Lincoln, and Toyota

    Specialties: New and Used Vehicles

    Hobbies: Exercise, Volleyball, Travel and Good Food

    Hometown: Warsaw, Poland

    Languages: Polish and English